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We pride ourselves on the fact that we have such an “allergen friendly” menu. We really do have a whole menu dedicated to our gluten free folks. Yup, you heard right… THE WHOLE MENU IS GLUTEN FREE.

Not only are we catering to our gluten sensitive crowd, but we are also accommodating a handful of other allergies to include peanuts/tree nuts, soy, dairy, seafood, shellfish etc… the list goes on.

Our reasoning for doing so is simple. We believe everyone deserves a delicious meal, regardless of his or her allergen or dietary restrictions.

Sometimes our food takes a little longer to come out of our kitchen. That’s because we’re handling it special so a child with a peanut allergy didn’t accidently get a peanut crumb sprinkled over their cheeseburger sliders.

Our allergen stickers are on our plates for a reason. They are a checkpoint for our kitchen staff to make sure the food is on the correct plate. They’re a checkpoint for our manager who is expediting to make sure a separate employee carries your allergen friendly item out of the kitchen. They’re also a checkpoint for our servers to make sure the food sitting in front of you has been correctly handled. Lastly, they’re a checkpoint for you to ensure we took note of your allergy and did everything we could to make sure your food came out correctly.

If we told you the amount of messages we receive every week thanking us for making their child a gluten free pizza or cooking up a vegan version of nachos so they don’t have to be the outcast at the table, you’d be surprised. These are everyday challenges people face when they go out to eat, and we won’t stand for it.

All of our servers are required to take an allergy awareness test upon hiring so we’re all equally educated and up to date on all of the allergens we could possibly come across.

It shouldn’t be difficult for your mom, dad, child, grandma, aunt or cousin twice removed to have a good meal. So, we’re here for you, and we aren’t going anywhere!

We know it’s a big deal for you trust us to take your allergies seriously, and we appreciate that. We promise to not let you down.

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