Did you know that 5 recipes are needed to construct a pulled pork nacho. First we have a house spice rub we use to rub our pork butts before they hit the smoker. Next, we have a braising liquid used to finish them when they come off. Lastly, after the pork is pulled it is smothered in our scratch made bbq sauce. Tomatillios are smoked and turned into our favorite version of salsa verde, fresh fresno peppers are hand-sliced and pickled in house ….. and the list goes on. We could buy those in a jar, but we just can’t bring ourselves to.

Each batch of guacamole calls for 36 avocados, the juice of 18 FRESH limes, chopped cilantro and spices. It takes about an hour to prepare and doesn’t last long. It’s not uncommon for us to make this delicious concoction 3 times on a weekend day. You do the math. Much more time consuming than coming out of a bag or frozen tub. But we’re ok with that, because we like to keep things fresh around these parts.

Blackie’s prides itself on sourcing fresh, seasonal produce. We don’t want to be serving watermelon in November, and if it were up to us, we wouldn’t have a tomato make it’s menu debut til the summer months when it is the best version of itself.

Our produce comes in daily from two vendors. Same goes for fresh bread, seafood and specialty items.

We’re not trying to toot our own horns believe me, we just can’t have it any other way you know? We need our chef to sleep at night.

We want to explain and paint a picture for you, because we respect your opinion and want to be transparent with you. Our prices are based on the quality of the ingredients we choose and our commitment to making things from scratch with our hands. We could choose otherwise, but that just wouldn’t be us.

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